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The Association’s dream for infrastructure and the environment is colored green, by turning wastewater from a pollutant to a precious resource
In order to provide a response to the needs of the growing population in the center of Israel as seen from a long-term ecological viewpoint, Igudan is preparing for a new reality by upgrading its facilities and by planning new projects so that we can build a cleaner and greener future. While attaining the goals for which it was established, which include collecting and disposing of wastewater, preventing sanitary and environmental nuisances, protecting rivers, the ocean and groundwater, turning wastewater into effluents and improving the rainwater collection system, the Association is not resting on its laurels. With the goal of stopping environmental pollution and contamination of groundwater in localities east and south of the Dan Region, the wastewater collection area will be expanded beyond its current boundaries.

Water Reclamation
Through its water recycling process, Shafdan (which is the most advanced mechanical-biological facility of its type for purifying wastewater in the entire eastern Mediterranean Basin) produces high-quality irrigation water for all types of agricultural crops in Israel. The quality of the recycled water is very near that of drinking water. Already today, out of the total quantity of wastewater that enters into the Igudan systems, approximately 140,000,000 m³ of wastewater is recycled in Israel for the water economy, of which about 96% is used for agricultural purposes. Currently, about 60% of agricultural activity in the Negev Desert is irrigated using Shafdan water, thereby saving millions of cubic meters of drinking water for the State of Israel. These numbers are expected to grow in the future.

Protection from damage caused by winter storms
Another initiative being led by Igudan, the separation of runoff drainage systems from sewage systems, will prevent the collapse of sewer systems in the Dan Region during the winter rainy season.

The “Say goodbye to sludge” project
In this project, the Association has been promoting the adoption of a land-based solution for Shafdan sludge over the last several years, which will be concluded by 2011, thereby completely discontinuing the discharge of sewage sludge into the Mediterranean Sea, putting an end to marine pollution.

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