Igudan's Operating Units

The operating units of Igudan Environmental Infrastructure
Igudan is managed through an Association Councilnumbering 19 members, selected based on the population size of each member city. The organization operates with several active committees, a professional CEO and a 50-person staff that includes office workers, engineers, facility operators and maintenance personnel.

The Chairman of the Association and the CEO manage and implement the Council’s policies regarding ongoing issues based on needs and do everything possible to see that the Council’s decisions are carried out in the best possible manner and within the framework as determined in the annual budget.

The Engineering & Operations Division, headed by the Association’s Chief Engineer, operates pumping stations distributed throughout the Dan Region, supervises the operation of the Shafdan Plant, carrier and collector systems and coordinates with the various cities regarding development and infrastructure works in areas near Association lines.

The Association’s Engineering Projects Department is managed and operated by a team of engineers who are responsible for planning activities, for issuance of tenders, for routine management, and for construction and monitoring of projects in the fields of infrastructure, carrier piping and electricity and for construction at the Association’s numerous facilities.

Pumping stations, which are distributed throughout the Dan Region, are manned by technical teams that include electricians, mechanics, operations supervisors and line team personnel. These crews are responsible for the functioning of the pumping stations and the routine maintenance of the sewage lines. The Finance Department is responsible for preparing association budgets and for handling financial matters, including collections from the various cities. The

Environmental Unit monitors the quality of industrial wastewater entering the Shafdan purification plant. Environmental Unit engineers monitor industrial plants in the Dan Region and in allied cities in order to sample wastewater from these plants.
The Tenders & Contracts Committee, which is supervised by legal consultants, sees to the proper publication of tenders and/or contracting with outside bodies.

The Administrative Committee, which is comprised of representatives of members of the Board of Directors, makes decisions related to the management of human resources at the Association. To view pumping station operations