The Igudan system is planned to be comprised of three main longitudinal arterials running from north to south and main lateral lines running from east to west that link them together. Today, the main active arterial is located to the west (the Q line), with the main eastern arterial (the Eastern Line) nearing completion. Another arterial that is in advanced stages of planning is the AY Line, also known as the “Third Line”, running parallel to the Ayalon Highway. The flexible configuration of the system makes it possible to regulate wastewater flow rates among the various lines based on discharge loads and to divert the wastewater to alternative lines during maintenance or if a breakdown occurs in one of the lines or pumping stations.

Environmental Unit

What does the Environmental Unit at Igudan do?
The basic role of Igudan’s Environmental Unit is to ensure that the wastewater entering the Igudan system will be of the highest possible quality.

Quality control
Unit engineers sample wastewater at industrial plants on a random basis. These samples are tested at the Association’s laboratory. The information that is collected is processed by the Unit and is used as a basis for a series of specific demands directed toward each individual factory of whatever kind, as to compulsory principles by which it must treat its wastewater and the facilities that it must install in order to attain a wastewater quality that complies with legal requirements.

Enforcing wastewater treatment
Construction of wastewater treatment facilities at factories throughout the Dan Region is conditioned on the submittal of detailed plans for these facilities. The Unit’s engineers review these plans, approve them to the extent that they are suitable, or reject them with explanations and instructions for corrections. Factories that are incalcitrant, fail to comply with timetables, install facilities that are unsuitable or repeatedly deviate from wastewater quality requirements bring about intervention by the municipal legal system and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.