Visitor Center

Igudan (the Dan Region Association of Towns for Sewage and Environmental Issues) assigns great importance to promoting and fostering environmental awareness in our community. Igudan’s Visitors Center, which is located in the city of Rishon Lezion at the very heart of the Shafdan Plant, is an educational-ecological center, committed to expanding environmental education. Underground life in the Dan Region is exhibited for visitors throughout the Visitors Center tour. The interactive experience at the center combines educational films, a simulation of an underground pipe and an introduction to the water cycling process. As an international center, we also host delegations from all over the world.
The tour at the center lasts approximately 2 hours in three optional sessions that take place each day at 09:30, 11:30 and 13.30.

15 NIS per person for individuals & groups
*Groups must arrive with their own bus and individuals with their own vehicles in order to participate in the part of the tour that takes place in the field.

Content worlds

1. The founders’ panorama
2. The whispering pipes
3. The peeking slots
4. The periscopes
5. Plant model
6. The information taps & toilet tanks
7. Main display
8. Virtual film tour

The Visitor’s Center was dedicated by the former Minister of Education, Professor Yuli Tamir, who visited the center and signed an environmental responsibility pact together with the Chairman of Igudan. This pact declares the commitment of both the Ministry of Education and Igudan’s management toward contributing to the community and ecological education. Thousands of students from over 100 schools in the metropolitan Dan Region visit the center during the year as part of Igudan’s educational project.

Tour stations

1. Pre treatment
2. Settling basins
3. Biological reactors
4. Clarifiers
5. Archimedes screw
6. Spreading basins
7. Primary sedimentation
8. Anaerobic digesters
9. Thickening and dewatering

The tour is divided into indoor and outdoor segments. The outdoor field tour of the Shafdan Plant follows the wastewater treatment process through its mechanical and biological stages. A fascinating process is exhibited for our visitors, in which they discover how the raw wastewater is reclaimed and used for agricultural irrigation in the Negev.

Convention Center
The Igudan Conventions Center is suited for hosting professional conventions, seminars, continuing education programs, courses, training, events and workers’ committees. The center is a modern state-of-the-art complex that was opened officially in 2009. The center’s uniqueness is in the possibility it provides for creating an event that also includes environmental values such as preserving natural resources, water recycling and environmental responsibility. A tour of the Visitors Center can be integrated into convention activities.

Tours are available in various languages: Hebrew, English, French, Spanish and German.

One-day conventions as well as extended ones can take place at our center, which includes:

  • A modern 64-seat auditorium with central computer, slide projector, lighting system, stage, podium, amplification system, wireless microphone and sound system.
  • Classrooms accessorized with central computer, slide projector, motorized screen and basic teaching equipment.
  • Meeting room, organization room and reception hall.

Free wireless Internet service is offered for our clients’ convenience. Free and unlimited parking is available for private vehicles, buses and trucks. The center enables wheelchair access, and is a recipient the Israel Accessibility Certificate. The center’s central location next to main arteries such as Ayalon Highway makes it easily accessible.

Optional services can also be arranged through outside bodies such as ecological lecturers, catering, transportation, air-conditioned tents, event equipment, design service, hosting, etc.

Information & registration:
Tel.: +972-3-9555222